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Jan Lewis Designs' bangles have been handcrafted to provide you with years of enjoyment. Jan created these intricate designs based on her passion for patterns and shapes. The dots in these patterns are hand-painted in slight relief adding texture as an important element to each design.


Stacking these lightweight bangles is encouraged! You can pair different bangle shapes, colors and widths, as Jan has done in the photo here to the left, to create your own personal fashion statement.



About Jan Lewis


Janet Lewis studied design at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has always been intrigued with shapes and patterns in her designs.


Many years ago while on the road with her husband, jazz great Ramsey Lewis, she would occupy her time by hand painting bangle bracelets in her hotel room. Eventually Jan had accumulated around 50 designs with her signature dot patterns. At the urging of friends who wanted to buy her distinctive bracelets, she looked for craftspeople to reproduce them, but found no reliable options for such detailed work.


Almost 20 years later while shopping, Jan came across a few pieces of

well-wrought artisan jewelry at an upscale store in Chicago. Encouraged by the quality of that work, she renewed her search. In 2011, she and Ramsey traveled to India, meeting with a number of fair-trade producers. Jan found a team of artisans who met her exacting standards and Jan Lewis Designs was born.

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•  These hand-painted bangles are made of lightweight quality wood, and as such are



•  If properly cared for, each bangle will give you years of enjoyment. To guard

    against breakage and harm to the finish:


            Take care not to drop.


            Take care not to scratch the finish.


            Always put bangles (and other jewelry) on after you have dressed to avoid

            contact with hair products, perfume, cosmetics or lotions. Over time, these

            products will build residue on your jewelry.


            Avoid subjecting your bangles to excessive hot or cold temperatures.


            After each use, gently wipe bangles with a clean soft damp cloth.


Jan Lewis Designs assumes no responsibility for bangles that are mistreated.




When I began my search abroad for artisans who could faithfully hand paint my intricate designs, I happened upon the website of the Fair Trade Forum of India in New Delhi. This organization proved invaluable support and introductions for Ramsey and me when we made our first trip to India.


The Forum arranged visits for us to the factories and offices of many diverse Fair Trade producers in several cities, each one unique in its approach to trade. The level of craftsmanship and artisanship was very impressive.


As I learned more about the fair trade movement, I became increasingly committed to supporting this important economic initiative. As you may know, Fair Trade organizations are committed to empowering the economically disadvantaged in countries like India, where poor people have few options for earning a decent living. Members receive fair compensation for their work, and are provided with healthy working environments rather than typical sweat shop conditions about which we’ve all read.


The goals of Fair Trade initiatives also include providing members with health care and medical aid, childcare and care for the aged, as well as adult education, financial independence training and more.


To learn more about the WFTO

click here.


Although India has a long way to go to alleviate its poverty, we found the people we met to be warm, eager to please, and delighted for the opportunity to work with us and to bring my artistic endeavors to reality.





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*** Jan Lewis Designs has temporarily suspended its "shopping cart" option until further notice while we redesign the line of products and re-evaluate the viable options for sales and fulfillment of orders to our customers. Thank you for your patience!


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